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Day 30

Day 30: A picture of yourself this day and 3 good things that happened since you started the challenge. Baru ambil semalam. 3 good things? *Have done a 3-night dance show, something I had never done before. Nice. *Sorta in track of what I supposed to do study wise. *Reaching 60kg mark last month!!!! Finally. […]

Day 29

Day 29: 3 wishes. #1 Submission of my thesis before end of March. That’s a month to go! That’s all for now. Other than that, I’ll be happy (or try to be happy) where my life will lead me *** Jump to a different story. Semalam second night of the show. Okay and I had […]

Day 28

Day 28: Something that stresses you out. Uncertainty. It’s funny though to say that because life is never certain. But I guess you know if you do probability, if I got a probability of a thing going right is more than 0.7, then I’m good. Otherwise, I’ll be stressing out. Meh, I’ll talk about it […]

Day 27

Day 27: Original photo of the city you live in. Gambar diambil pada 2 April 2009 Durham ni cantik sebab ada sungai mengalir dan juga landmark castle dan juga cathedral. Tapi biasalah, bila dah lama-lama duduk sini, kadang-kadang terlupa yang bandar kecil ni cantik sebenarnya. Bila kadang-kadang kawan-kawan dari luar datang macam Mahadi dan family, […]

Day 26

Day 26: Your dream wedding Hmm.. My dad has thought of this thingy for the reception. Other than the main course, he wanted to have gerai style corner so that guests can come and have variety of additional food. And it won’t be this kind of stuff that’s available all day. Just something that have […]

Day 25

Day 25: Something you crave a lot. Sleep. Enuff said

Day 23

Day 23: Your idea of a perfect first date. Haish, soalan-soalan macam ni kan…. Nak mengelak jawab, soalan ini tidak lame. Tapi banyak sangat tengok cerita omputih, jadi punya sedikit pengaruh-pengaruh barat bila memikirkan ‘perfect first date’. But let’s indulge and imagine. And here how it goes. A nice date would start with a simple […]