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A prayer

It does feel like it’s such a long day of fasting, because well.. it was. It was about 19 hours here. And I thought, but this raya would be fun, coz I’m gonna be in Malaysia. And, I don’t have to worry if raya will distract me from my studies coz, hey, I finished my studies! Might just have to worry bout my lecture which I have to give this coming term but well, I’ll just dress up nicely and hopefully the students will like me. That’s a good way of thinking, aite?

And I was thinking, oh, I need to get some souvenir for my family, maybe? The good thing is, my family rarely ask for any. And that’s an honest truth. Other than my nephews but even them, they don’t ask much. Bebudak Labu did asked me to get them some souvenirs, but as it’s gonna be quite expensive to get for them all (as I’m totally gonna use that money to buy stuff for myself, which is sadly selfish, I know), I said to them something along this lines,

‘can’t afford to buy you guys stuff, I’ll bring back some attention and love’ and hope I’ll stand by that words.

Which later made me thinking. I was telling mom and dad bout buying them some air-conditioner or getting this and that for the house, once I got more money, assuming I passed my viva, which I did. Mom and dad obviously didn’t want me to spend much on them but I hope I do.

And it made me thinking too, that what I said to those bebudak Labu is what I should be doing to my parents.

It may be true that I realize that love, attention and care are what a son should give to his parents, but it is easily shadowed by a shortcut of buying them stuff as a sign of love.

Here I am, reminding myself and also praying that I would not be forgetting, that money won’t buy love, and to be by my parents as much as I could. It’s easily said than done. And albeit generally being a selfish person, I pray to You in this blessed month of Ramadhan, that I’ll be a good son to my mom and dad. I know it’s going to be a constant challenge, and may You grant me the strength to make it through. Amin.

4 Responses to “A prayer”

  1. Wanita manita duitan says:

    But money can buy happiness what…Buy me kpop albums + posters, and I will be happy!

    *mode troll

  2. Dini says:

    Ameen ya Rabb :)

  3. Awww~ touched!

    Bro..tahun depan nampaknya sy puasa kat sana lah. ;’( kena belajar buat video salam perantau.

  4. Amri says:

    Gituh WMD….

    Sophie, jangan lupa baju raya. Nanti nak pakai waktu salam perantau.

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