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Day 8

Day 8: A place you’ve travelled to.

A place I’ve travelled to is … home

and that is the place I’m currently feeling very nervous to return to.

Why? Friends of mine also wondering the same.

I said that I’ve spent my ‘young man’ age in here. I’ve spent close to 5 years now in a foreign country. And it’s definitely a bit nerve-wrecking to see how I readapt to the culture.

It’s not the lacking that I’m feared of. It’s just the differences.

‘You’ll be fine’ said a friend. And another friend. And some people who I’m not even close to.

What if I am not, at least for some time. And why are you guys having ‘it’s gonna be fine attitude?’

‘You’ll be fine, you’ll have a job, buy a house, get married and have cute kids’

Well, I know that my kids definitely going to be cute, albeit it’s only from my eyes but this sort of thing is one of those thing that make me feel nervous. I am nervous of people’s expectation once I’m back home.

Am I sharing too much?

Perhaps. But you people, who are a part of my society, I rather wish you have a slightly different definition of happiness. What if one just lay back and give himself some time and enjoy life revolving kedai mamak and nasi lemak? What if one just chill and go travelling to give him some peace of mine. What if one isn’t married (yet) for a certain period of time?

If at any point of my question, you cringe and disagree, we shouldn’t be hanging out once I’m back home. That’s a warning and it doesn’t discriminate family members.

Am I sharing too much? Or just enough bit.

Just to clear up the air, I don’t wanna stay here either. It does feel like that Daughtry song. ‘And these places and these faces are getting old….’

And never once I go to any seminar about working here or attend any career fair (this is meant for my sponsor, in case they read them. Apparently they may) coz I do wanna go home. But I wish I’ll be able to live in my bubble like I’m currently used to.

Well, seems like it’s gonna be Si Tenggang’s Homecoming moment all over again. Haish.

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  1. WaReMoN says:

    Haha, balik ja dulu. apa masalah kemudian kira lain

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