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Day 3

Day 3: Your first love.

Confused sekejap dengan maksud first love, aku bertanya Hafidz

“When you say ‘first love’….”

“When did I say that??” Hafidz bertanya. Batu kecil jatuh atas kepala.

“When someone says ‘first love’, does it refer to someone you fancy or a relationship?”

Dan Hafidz bersetuju pada yang pertama. So here it goes.

Motif betul lah tanya fasal soalan-soalan macam ni. Tapi dek kerana sudah lebih 10 tahun, kira okay la kot?

My first huge love/crush should be towards this one girl from a different school which I saw her in a forum competition. Keke. Nothing really happened between us although… well… I did some effort of trying to get to know her.

But at one point, we were at the same place, and I could recognize her just from her side, or her back albeit waktu tu semua perempuan pakai tudung yang warna plain dan hampir sama. Nothing happened though. She’s happily married now and I’m honestly happy for her. Plus, it was 10 years back.

Pernah bersembang dengan Mahadi fasal benda ni waktu zaman USM dulu. Aku cakap, ‘I’ve regret nothing for trying. It added up to my life experience.’ And I certainly have moved on since then.

In case she reads this blog, although I doubt it; I only manage to share this piece of my personal life as I think it’s a nice thing to remember and see how I grow. Nothing more; and one should not read it between the line.

Lol. I certainly can extrapolate the story to make it sound more interesting, as it was; but like I said, I don’t mind sharing other stuff, but personal life is meant to be personal (and shared with friends who I gossip with)

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