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Day 26

Day 26: Your dream wedding


My dad has thought of this thingy for the reception. Other than the main course, he wanted to have gerai style corner so that guests can come and have variety of additional food. And it won’t be this kind of stuff that’s available all day. Just something that have it while in stock.

Per say, we will let the guests know of time slot of this special food.

For example:

1pm-2pm – Bihun sup
2pm-3pm – Ais kacang
etc etc

If that’s his wish, why not?

Me on the other hand, wanting a party by the beach style of reception. This would be rather exclusive so only close family and friends are being invited. The theme should be white and the reception starts at 5-ish, after Asar prayer. We will have buffet kind of food served next to a hotel in contained area. Guest would dress up in white and would just relaxing on beach with no shoes on. We got few tables. And apparently, as I am being so influenced by the western style of wedding where the idea sorta look like; there would be a bit of speech session.

But there will be no dance, no band and possibly no music. Just family and friends come together to celebrate the unity without much fuss. As it starts at 5, we will have the opportunity to see the sun setting. After Maghrib, we will have a round of barbeque and party ends at 10 pm.

I had survey a hotel near Batu Feringgi, which is not for wedding of course, last time when I was in USM. We were planning to do a debate seminar sorta and invited few uni (but the plan falters), so I had come to this one hotel which I forgot it’s name. They show the area with the private beach and yeah, a reception there would be awesome.

But truth being told, I am keen on not spending much money for wedding ceremony. It’s kinda going against my view where Malaysian people spend too much money for a wedding while it could be well spent to actually start a new life for the newlywed.

But being honest to myself, I could able to say that and believe in that because I am not currently tergedik-gedik nak kahwin. If I am, I think I may be one of those cultural victim who spends load of money for a party they called reception.

We’ll see how does it goes.

But if the reception by the beach is happening, you better not be happy because only few people are invited. Oooh, can we have a pre-reception where we have party by the pool earlier on?? [Eh, ni hari keluarga ke, wedding?]

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  1. WaReMoN says:

    Nice, by the pool. W00t2~~

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