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Day 23

Day 23: Your idea of a perfect first date.

Haish, soalan-soalan macam ni kan….

Nak mengelak jawab, soalan ini tidak lame. Tapi banyak sangat tengok cerita omputih, jadi punya sedikit pengaruh-pengaruh barat bila memikirkan ‘perfect first date’.

But let’s indulge and imagine. And here how it goes.

A nice date would start with a simple hi. No overdramatic, just natural simple hi. No ~ I’m not going to give her any flower at the beginning of the date, and the setting should be something very ordinary. You know, like shopping mall, or a walk inside uni by Tasik Harapan (gituh).

We will spend our half an hour to just random talking about anything. The topic doesn’t have to be personal, anything ranging from what she did this morning, or what I had for breakfast to slightly political with us acknowledging of how apolitical we are.

After half an hour, I should feel hungry. If I would, that’s a good sign as it means I managed to live a normal life albeit being with her hence providing more proof that I could have her around for the rest of my life (jiwang okeh).

So I will suggest some restaurant and maybe she had some idea to. So we head there, order some food and do some more talking. The talking has to be smoothed because I do talk a lot. And appreciate someone who can talk and cater my interest for she doesn’t has to be interested in what I am interested in. So we spent most of our time eating and talking and paying less attention of our table manner.

Then we probably decide to do some random window shopping if we are actually in a shopping mall. She and I will decide to look around for something fun that we don’t really care much. Like toys shop, or souvenir shop. She wouldn’t ask me to take a look ladies section, neither shoes nor female clothing because she realize that I am going to be bored of standing while she is making up her mind.

It is an hour later and I feel hungry again. So it’s just fair for both of us finding some desert, either ice cream or cake. So we sit down and talk and eat. No she will not be that kind of girl who take photos of our desert and wanting to tag me on Facebook for being with her. It’s our first date, so that’s a no-no. I however, will take the photo and probably post on Facebook or twitter or later to be uploaded on my blog without acknowledging her existence by not tagging her and not mentioning her at all. It’s our first date, so why should I?

And then it’s time to say goodbye.

So, we go separate way and she won’t be texting me straight away because she knew she had just spend 4-5 hours with me so no need to text very immediately while I will be the one who will be thinking … ‘hm… that’s a perfect first date.’ :)

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  1. jaxy says:

    if this ever happen in reality, that would be perfect! :D *hrp2 dpt date camni. LOL.*

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