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Don’t take summer away from me

Here in this shed
I’m looking at the sea
The sun was beaming
Everything was so lovely

I was enjoying the sun while it lasts
But I always know that winter will come
And by that time
I will be ready
I cut trees and get some woods
I hunt deers and stock up some foods
I knit wool and make me a suit

When summer’s gone
I’ll be quiet and lonely
I’ll be chilled and frosty
I will be missing of what it used to be
But I’ll be ready

Don’t take summer away from me

I guess I forgot
I keep dreaming that I’m in the continent
Where summer is longer
and the breeze is nicer
But here I am
checking back into reality
Where summer is short
and winter comes early

And you still take summer away from me?
For there will be no summer
then for me it would only be winter
all year long.

-Lutfi Amri Ramli

#7.00am, 30th October 2011

5 Responses to “Don’t take summer away from me”

  1. mahir says:

    betol betol ingat lirik lagu :O

  2. dyla fadyla says:

    simple seasons story.. nice..~ (n__n)

  3. Rick Sengodson says:

    Yo. Transferkan arah ku gambar tadi ah.

  4. Marcel says:

    So I hope it’s summer now :)

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