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In a windy afternoon

I’m always thankful for being blessed with such a great family. But I always wonder of how lucky I am to be meeting a lot of wonderful people and get some friends who are awesome. Pure awesome.

On my birthday, I tweet,

You, who had loved me when I was nothing, and still loving me for the nothingness I am; Thank You

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you guys. But when I get to know people and they are actually fond of me despite going through my time of crankiness, downs, and me being all moody and uninteresting ~ makes me appreciate them even more.

I guess that’s when you really define someone as a close friend of yours, or that’s how I define some as my best friends, which in time, they tolerate my annoying behaviour and in other time I tolerate theirs. For those who I can’t tolerate ~ we just friends then. Hehe.

And here’s to the end of another cycle ~ I guess. Syukri and Miza had already left Durham and currently in London before embracing their own next chapter. So, I’ll be out of sidekick for couple of weeks before Hafidz come back for the new term.

It’s a bit shame really that I discovered Syukri’s passion of mencapap-ness a little bit too late. Last week, we were thinking of doing this video or that video but unfortunately I am not having much of free time these days. Well, at least he joined my video for the very first time and our video got to be on tv. Nothing much to complain I guess.

I’ll survive. I’m 27 years old for crying out loud. And yesterday I read my sister’s status consoling her students who had just started their university life. I was like ~ come on guys, why complain? If I ~ who’s such a spoiled kid who had never live away until I was 18 years old ~ could do it, surely you guys could as well. Or perhaps it is because you guys didn’t feel like choosing USM which offers such an amazing university life from the beginning till the end ;)

[BTW, I'm not judging other uni, just saying how awesome USM is. And oh yes, better than Durham... and now I'm judging]

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  1. WaReMoN says:

    Baru masuk U dah complain? =.=”

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