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Two dreams

[Tetiba mood jiwang pulak]


I send you postcards,
so you know I’m thinking of you in every different city.

I send you these love songs,
so you can hear what I’ll be saying when you are lonely.

I’ll never say goodbye,
coz it’s always hello between you and me.

And I wish in my prayer,
for the dream you had to become a reality.


Dream a little dream away,
Dance around the words you say.

Wish for the shining star,
and fly to somewhere far.

My heart is going numb,
my soul is feeling warm,
that smile you want to hide,
I’ll know it’s worth a fight.

Amri 3.47am 19/8/2011

3 Responses to “Two dreams”

  1. salam amri,

    salam perkenalan. first of all, akak kenalkan diri, haslina, u can call me kak ina. actually me n my team akan ke london pada oct. 2011 ni. kami ada educational visit di sekitar london. kami sedang cari student m’sia yang willing jadi tourism guide kami kat sana. amri ada suggestion? kami pun dtg london ngan budget ciput, so around 5 days in london, kami perlukan someone yang boleh memudahkan perjlnan kami di sana. or, are u personally willing to help us? please email me for some advice. i did read about ur N3 about : bercuti di uk posted on 2009. tqvm.

  2. lupa nak inform, kami dah booked wisma indonesia utk penginapan. tq

  3. mahir says:

    auww melting kejap baca

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