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PeopleĀ  seems to appreciate babak jatuh dalam Cinta. My sis likes it. So does one who just leave a comment recently. I’m glad. It’s a real fall. This one is alright, but don’t let someone’s fall becoming enjoyable to watch yeah? {ooh, dalam.. dalam…}

Apakah sound quality dalam lower resolution??? Ada sedikit effect kepecahan. Sigh. Please please please, watch it in 720p resolution in Youtube video. At least the sound is decent (not amazing, but decent). Yang rendah kualiti, abis suara pecah-pecah. Hence I’ll be putting the MP3 online soon. But help me out here! Please do play the video sometimes just to increase the hits number, even though you have downloaded the MP3. Boleh tak?

Shhh.. shh…. super secret ~ have you played Roller Coaster Tycoon? Game theme park. Lagi bagus kita bina theme park itu, lagi banyak pelawat yang akan datang (computer generated lah). I’m kinda looking at all fof this thing as such. A real life game where I’m looking forward for lot of hits for a video etc etc. And that doesn’t sounds like an artist at all, lol. I’m a geek in the pink!

Siapakah tak faham ending video?? Aiyoh.

Well, actually that’s good. As much as the ending is sorta unclear, if you combine the acting with the lyrics, then you can probably see what it meant. SO, share it. I wanna know what do you understand from the whole story of the video. What does the ending means? Leave it in the comments below, will ya?

I’m a Hannah Montana in life. Oooh, that sounds creepy. But yeah.

I got 2 FB places which I go, my account and ‘like’ page. I’m being me in my FB account (well, a bit; too many formal people adding me as friend, I don’t want to say naughty stuff neither influencing my nephews with my crazy terms). On amrisolarstreak FB, I’m more subtle.

I got 2 Youtube account. Amrisolarstreak is the formal one. Amrisvideovault is where you can probably see the real me. See, it’s hard to define a real me because I have an automatic button of vanity whenever the camera is on (Amalina, Syafiqah, Kam etc will strongly agree with this stuff).

NOW~ I have two twitters account as well. Amrisolarstreak, still the formal one. And if you wanna hear me rambling, go for amribytheminute. It’s probably fun. It’s probably depressing.

Uh, best of both worlds eh?

Uh, I told Mahadi this. I’m enjoying doing this video on Youtube because everyday when I go out in town, I’m still invisible. People do not know me. Even my new Newcastle friends ~ Shuki and Haziq; when I knew them, they do not know me from Youtube at all. You know, it’s kinda nice being friends without them thinking my bad dancing in Down while saying hi to me at the very first time (COME ON! Dance is Cinta is pretty decent, don’t you think? NOT AWESOME. Decent! It’s gonna be much weirder if I just stand and not moving singing this song!)

I told Mahadi still, that it’s probably gonna be different going back to Malaysia after this? Dulu di Pasar Malam Lembah Bujang pun sudah ada orang recognize. Padahal pakai seluar hijau sekolah menengah dan t-shirt saja kalau pusing-pusing. That’s a pasar malam in a kampung eh. Oh, well, one where bebudak UiTM Merbok hang out, so..

Haha. Apalah mengarut.

Anyway, tell me what do you understand from the ending of Cinta…

3 Responses to “Jatuh”

  1. Dini says:

    what do I understand.. um, in my mind, I think… the blue t shirt guy got defeated by the black shirt guy. and black shirt guy tu somehow menang and maju. eish, mind blowing la ape yg dini ckp ni, heh, ni smuanya imaginasi, faham sendiri je, tp takleh nak explain kat org, heh :) tp tak tahulah ape yg dini interpret ni sbnrnye salah :$

  2. Sara Llah says:

    Videa ni ada ala2 3D ka?
    coz time part menari tuh nmpk mcm 3D..
    movement tangan tuh,terbyang green hornet lak tiba2…

  3. WaReMoN says:

    aku rasa character tu mcm melarikan diri dari musuh imaginasi yg lebih garang, tp sebenarnya adalah diri sendiri. internal conflict? xtau nak jadi mana satu? the hunter or the hunted?

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