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Game night

We had a game night tonight.

With big pizza ~ family size, 16 inch, 3 of them in total.

Group games…


One to one game…


and more games!


It was fun:)


Result for the tournament we did:-

Street fighter
Winner: Shukri
2nd place: Sam
3rd place: Fabian
4th place: Pierre

Single player tennis on Wii Sports
Winner: Sam
2nd place: Mike
3rd place: Fabian
4th place: Aku

Double player tennis
Winner: Fabian & Shukri
2nd place: Hafidz and Sam
3rd place: Mike & Pierre, aku (solo)
Lol, not that it matter to you guys of winning anyway.

Good fun. Need to do it again sometimes:)

3 Responses to “Game night”

  1. WaReMoN says:

    Aku dah beli Kinect. Baru main 1st time dah berpeluh2 sbb melompat sana sini :D

  2. zeah says:

    good to know tak menang….. hehehe…

  3. Amri says:

    Fariz, I’m only aiming for 3DS now. Sebab memang takde Xbox, so tak worthlah beli hanya untuk Kinect.

    Zeah, CIS! CIS!

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