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:) means I’m smiling

:) means I’m just pretending to smile

:) means I am just trying to be nice, but I am not smiling

:) means I am actually asking you do something but hopefully you don’t think I’m pushing you

:) means I don’t care but I just do not know what to say

:) means I feel like crying but you don’t have to know about it

And there’s a lot more meanings hidden behind the screen, socializing on Facebook should not be the way to live.

Thank you.

4 Responses to “Smile”

  1. Kamilah says:

    smile just to say fullstop. :)

  2. ayen says:

    waw.. true!
    ini adalah tulisan ke-3 yang sebut pasal Facebook.. hehehe..

  3. WaReMoN says:

    yeah, cara utk melepaskan diri pun bleh guna :) gak..oleh itu terima jelah bila org buh :) kalau tanya lebih nanti susah plak :D (yg ni camna plak)

  4. Andhi says:

    yutaka / hahaha.. thnaks for ur concern.. its not joint acc tp tu atas nama sy sorg akaun tu dikhaskan utk kami saving duit tu la.. hihihi.. yeah, who knows what will happen in future but we have faith that we have a long relations.. hope so la.. insyaAllah.. doakan kami ye.. =)

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