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I am someone who is fascinated by languages. I am not good with languages. I am better with numbers. But I get fascinated by it.

Well, when I say that I’m not with languages, that’s mean I am a slow learner when it comes to language. That includes English. There’re still problems with pronounciation here and there, and my grammar is still all over the place. Nah, I am not worrying myself away. Nope, lemme rephrase. In writing academics stuff including conference proceedings, I do worry a lot. In daily life, I won’t worry myself away. When you are in English-spoken country, you’ve learn that these people are not really that critical about your pronounciation nor your grammar. So, I’m chilled. Once I tried to mimic the way they say it in front of Hafidz, ‘you kno, me and me mom…’

But I’m bad in doing mimics. Or try to sound it that way. That’s why Hafidz keep asking me just to say the Malaysian Malay instead of poorly trying to speak in Brunei. Well, I think the best Bruneian sounds I can make is only when I say ‘dimana kan kau?’. I’ll get what he meant. When I was in USM, some fellow friends tried to speak with northern accent by pronouncing ‘ayaq’. But it just sounded wrong.


Actually, I’m just planning to list down the foreign songs which I love and hope to be able to sing. But that was such a long prolog I did up there.


News – Ai Nante
(Cik Pengurus introduced me to this one)

Morning Musume – Sakura Mankai
(There were time in USM where I was listening to a lot of Morning Musume coz my friends love it a lot)


Beast – Say No
(The lyrics is funny, and actually hopeless. Well, I criticize it now until the moment I’m feeling that)


Luca Dirisio – Se Provi A Volare
(It’s actually Italian version of HSM Breaking Free)

Luca Diriso – Calma E Sangue Freddo
(I google an italian song to put into my backpacking video, and because he’s the only Italian singer who I know of, so I picked his song)


Opening Theme of La Usurpadora
(Oh, Mahadi and I could still sing this song :P)


Sportfreunde Stiller – Ein Kompliment


3 Responses to “Language”

  1. WaReMoN says:

    Rasa mcm “Bruneisian” lebih sedap..

    Aku rasa bila org len nak sebut “ayaq” tu, diorg pronounce “q” terlalu literally kot..

  2. Lutfi Amri says:

    Yang aku selalu dengar, diorang punya sebutan macam bunyi غ atau كـ‎.

    Aku rasa patutnya bunyi ق

  3. WaReMoN says:

    Aaaaaa, betui22~~ aku setuju! XD

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