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I want to

I want to be a novel writer.
Write about some love story and preach about what I believe in love and destiny.
Share about my experiences and stories but not revealing it all to the society.
Write about my friends I adore but giving different names and additional attitudes.
Ah.. that would be nice.

I want to be a tv-show director.
Do my own reality tv which creates good drama and comedy.
Learning people’s action towards certain circumstances.
Smiling all the way through in the editing process,
while of course, there’s gonna be some yelling in the making – I’m the director!

I want to do research in gender study.
There’s a lot more to learn other than my generalisation of masculinity – feed them when they are hungry, otherwise they’ll get cranky.
Plus, I flip through the book from that field, and it’s such an interesting reading!

I want to be an MP.
Oh, member of parliament.
I want to be a part of making the policy.
Especially in environmental issues and education relating to Mathematics, Science and students from rural area.
But I think my rival would immediately post my Youtube videos full of ‘jiwang’ness to embarass me.
Well, at least I’ll get all of the fangirls voting for me in the election then. LOL.

4 Responses to “I want to”

  1. WaReMoN says:

    ang belum balik USM lagi dah ada fan club..girls only plak tu!! prepare to be ***** (aku lupa perkataan tu, maka sengaja aku buh **** nak bg suspense :D)

  2. Lutfi Amri says:

    Balik USM, aku akan ada lecture students. And the attendance will be compulsory. Haha

  3. WaReMoN says:

    i’m sure the fangirls won’t mind, heh heh

  4. johnna says:

    way better than ‘i wanna be a billionaire’ song! haha

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