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Belum Ku Temu – the e-novel

So here it goes:-

Belum Ku Temu – The E-novel Project!!

Finally I start to write. Take a read.

It is

Dijangka akan diupdate once or twice per week.

Layout dull ~ tapi nantilah tukar

P.S: Thanks to Mahir for the critics and comment about this project:)

8 Responses to “Belum Ku Temu – the e-novel”

  1. Pingu Toha says:

    am, kipas di siling bukan di bumbung.

  2. Pingu Toha says:

    anyways, ku dah link e-novel ko kt blog ku. this means war!!!! huahuahua

  3. tulip says:

    wahhh!! nice intro…!

  4. Rin says:

    nk link kt blog! ;)

  5. zeah says:

    Wah… aku suka…. update selalu ya…. hehe…. i like 100000….

    Pingu Toha…. dah ada novel baru ke?….. :D

  6. Lutfi Amri says:

    Halim dengan 2 buku, minta tunjuk ajar. Nanti aku ubah. Keke.

  7. Isa says:

    did you consider my adicve on just assisting a design firm or something? even being a coffee boy or whatever, you can learn alot from the people there. design courses in school can be abit of a waste of money. And regarding freelance work, get a portfolio together and I can hook you up here and there with some of the people I’ve met while doing the rounds.You need to get your name out, I believe in the work you guys are doing!

  8. Duna says:

    haha…yes sir! we promise to put one toegther, but at the moment with full-on work and all the family duties, I think will have time only, er, 4 weekends later. we old liao lah, can only stay awake until 2am…actually we took on some small freelance corporate design assignments recently (poster, a mascot and a corporate logo), which pays crap (token $ only, considering the time it takes). So it’ll be good to do more fun, illustration work instead.

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