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Congrats kak!

[Ini scheduled entry]

A big congratulations to my sisters for her convocation tomorrow as she received Masters in Translation in USM.
I’m so proud of you:)

4 Responses to “Congrats kak!”

  1. alien mulut besar says:

    congrats!!!!!!! =)
    tumpang proud jugaks!

  2. Nursyeff@rni says:

    Nak ucapkan tahniah jugak =)

  3. zeah says:

    TAHNIAH….nak ucapkan tahniah jugak… plan nak taip tahniah je.. tapi msg too short.. hehehe

  4. hermaine says:

    hey thats my course in usm.. just realised.. could be me u know. i tolak tawaran wat master and phd with usm.. malas nak jadi lecturer usm for 7 yrs.. not my calling i guess.. hihi..congrats to ur sis dear..

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