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Amazing Race Durham Episode 1

There you go. First episode of Amazing Race Durham. Discussion of eliminate players are allowed, so don’t scroll to the comment section until you watch it all. It comes in 2 parts (as Youtube doesn’t allow a video exceeding 10 minutes). And remember, for people with fast connection, High Quality version is availabe as well.

Part 1

Part 2

6 Responses to “Amazing Race Durham Episode 1”

  1. Kamilah says:

    yayy! Team Kam & Huda masuk to the next round!! hehehehhe….

  2. miea says:

    ohh best!
    can’t wait for next series!

  3. Lutfi Amri says:

    Kam, dah tunjuk kat orang Brunei kah?

    miea, next and final episode is on Friday

  4. Kamilah says:

    Hee.. belum.. can I embed this kat my blog?

  5. Lutfi Amri says:

    Kam, of course!

  6. Nawal says:

    WOW!! MAHADI!! dari tukang camera terus jadi participant yek!! GEWD GEWD!! really missed the MOLE plak!! GOOD JOB AM! like always.. however if you could improve on the narration, that would be awesome. kurang jelas Am.

    LOVE IT!

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