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A year

Tup tup, hari ni dah genap 1 tahun 2 hari sejak aku sampai di Durham. Not bad. Made some few friends, submit my 1st year proposal, had my parents here, manage to go back to Malaysia, for the last month (since releasing I’m Yours Malay Version) I had 400+ hits for my overall videos everyday, received an ‘interesting’ fan mail (ahaks) and did some of video logs, couple of new translation songs and Amazing Race Durham. Episode 2 had just been released. Make sure you have watch it.

All that I have mentioned are something that you have already know if you’ve been following my blog (thanks for keep coming and leaving comments. Really appreciated it) except the ‘interesting’ fan mail which I only share with Mahadi, Zeah and Kak Khalidah so far. If I share it here, I’m the biggest jerk in the world, so I keep it down.

Ah, talking about being jerk, in a year, I might have developed the ‘jerk’iness in me quite a much. Being more cranky, hot-tempered and impatient. But hopefully that would be something I overcome in my own pace.

Gambar bebunga kat Framwellgate Moor punya roundabout. On the way balik. Nasib baik tetiba terserempak dengan mamat Jordan yang dulu mengaji kat USM tuh, Mahmud. Tak ingat sebenarnya nama dia. Tapi cari balik dalam blog, aku ada tulis dalam Raya, so dapat la ingat balik.

So, Year 2! I wish I’ll be better. That’s it!

And in short time, I will do the recording for Hey There Delilah Malay Version. So, stay tuned:)

5 Responses to “A year”

  1. nur aliana says:

    rsenyer sy tw la sper tu ‘interesting’ fan awk tu…
    eerrrmmm let me think…
    adakah manusia tu bernama pu3 hidayah???

  2. WaReMoN says:

    Bukan ke patut rahsia ke?

    Jgn teka, nanti kecewa ;)

  3. Lutfi Amri says:

    Betul tu Fariz

  4. zairi says:

    lama xjenguk disini..hehe..lawa r gmbr upi kat bebunga neh..good shot..=) all de best for 2nd year upie..=)

  5. Emmy Hermina says:

    dont know why (norah jones plak terngiang), tengok je gambar tu i jadi sebak..

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