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Rawak di pagi hari 2


Lepas Maghrib aku tido. Bangun dalam pukul 12 tengah malam dan masih berjaga sampai sekarang (4.25 pagi). Musim bunga dah tiba. Suhu dan makin naik.

Sempat menangkap gambar waktu kat atas bas. Guna handphone punya kamera.

Yang agak best sebab hari dah semakin panjang. Hari ni 4.18 dah masuk subuh. Maghrib dah makin lewat ke 6 lebih. I dun think that my sleeping schedule will improve anytime soon, but hey, I’m loving that the daylight is longer:)


Turun London hari tu sempat melepak dengan Andros sepanjang hari. Aku sampai kat Victoria station dalam pulul 7 lebih, Andros pun sampai dalam sejam kemudian. Andros is my friend from Durham. He was in the same batch with Zeah.

We went around and just hang out basically. Pastu gi tengok Watchmen kat Leicester Square. Watchmen is also 2 hours +, but I can watch He’s Just Not That Into You for 2 times which this movie is also 2 hours + BUT Watchmen is SOOO torturing. Full of violence and I’m in UK, means there’s no Finas to cut the violence part. Somehow I always appreciate Finas for cutting the violence.

It’s a bit like Sin City which is really dark kind of movie. I simply hate it.

Pastu kitorang gi makan kat Nandos kat Bayswater. Ada 2 jer kot Nandos halal kat London. Satu kat Bayswater, satu lagi kat mana ntah.

I’m so missing the London scene. Always love the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus it is so easy to find ready cook halal food. Tak macam kat Durham.


(Tiba-tiba lagu tema Friends bermain-main di kepala)

Andros tanya aku about my life in Durham. I told him that it’s kinda sucks. Not having a lot of socializing for 2 reasons – start to feel my study (in a good way). So I kinda wanna to have less of socializing, I suppose. Second, takde geng. Don’t get me wrong here. There are people in Durham who I can connected with. To be named, Yusran, Kam, Kak Nur etc. But currently we are leading a different life with Yusran is busy with his research too, and Kam is undergrad with too many assignments and Kak Nur.. hmm, she is busy. Dulu pun, aku rajin gi lepak sebab Zeah senang ditaunt untuk bermain game. Haha.

So, this half of March is kinda nice as I went to Dundee and London; actually just for the sake of reconnecting with friends.

One thing I’m sure about friendship; don’t force myself to get a good friend. It will come if it’s right:)

10 Responses to “Rawak di pagi hari 2”

  1. alien mulut besar says:

    Wah, sudah musim bunga…boleh buat video klip golek2 kat celah2 bunga yg berkembang mekar..hehe

  2. Lutfi Amri says:

    Kak Dijah, nak golek2 dengan sapa?
    Golek dengan minah saleh, conform kecoh orang Malaysia.
    Golek sorang-sorang, cam tak betul lak.

  3. muzem says:

    Sure nyaman giler musim bunga.. Bestnye hang..

  4. Emmy Hermina says:

    teriba rasa macam am dah banyak berubah. when ure in msia, please do meet up ya. i want to test ur skills hahaha…

  5. Lutfi Amri says:

    muzem, Alhamdulillah. Musim bunga nih bila suhu dah naik sikit, so; agak bestlah.

    Emmy, yeah, I think I do changed. And sure. It’s a date then. Ahaks:D

  6. zeah says:

    haha… Missing the good old days when playing games the main reason adrenalin pumping. Hahaha… Bestnye dh musim bunga. Kau tak beli baju baru tuk musim bunga ni kah? Hehehe.

  7. WaReMoN says:

    Test skill apa? Skill golek2 atas bunga-bunga mekar ka? Hehehe ;p

  8. Kamilah says:

    Yeah.. I agree with Zeah, aku pun rindu playing games almost every night! haha.. but since my mom found out about it, I have to control myself! :S
    your board games and the football game abandoned kat the living room!

    wee… I’m free nowwwww… dah siap my assignment! :D
    ohh yeaaahh.. hari ni panas lahh.. really warm.. menyesal bawa kot..

  9. K.Nur says:

    Wah, sinikalnya,

    Try to be me, than u will know how busy I am. I’m not like you, gifted and brilliant . And furthermore, You know my stand about inviting men into the house.

  10. Lutfi Amri says:

    Zeah, tak beli lagi…

    Fariz, habis kena marah dengan city council kalo golek atas bunga weh.

    Kam, peace. We still got next time when the Queen of the board comes back.

    Kak Nur, tak bermaksud begitu pun:D
    I know u r busy maa.. and I know that PhD is a crazy process which is different from one another. No pun intended laa Kak Nur.
    ‘gifted and brilliant’? I’m not but Doa doa:)

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