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A big congratulation for my sister for passing her viva for Masters in Translation. She was doing mix-mode in USM and as for her dissertation, she chose ‘Translation of Songs’ as her topic, one of the reason why I was actively doing translation of songs as inspired by her. And she was the one who did translation for Faizal Tahir’s song. I’m so proud of her. They even asked her to present her disso this August as they find it interesting. Again, I’m so proud of her:)

10 Responses to “Congrats”

  1. alien mulut besar says:

    Oh, congrats jugak! =)
    Wau..translations of songs…great! =)

  2. aHaDa says:

    congrat’s to ur sis… sangat envy dengan orang dah pass viva… nway congrat’s again…

  3. Yla says:

    Congrates Kak Gee!!!ngeeee…
    P.S. bagaimana membahagikan masa untuk study, suami tersayang dan anak-anak…ngeeeeeeee???

  4. ayam yg suka menyamar menjadi alien says:

    Congrates, Kak Am

    p/s: aku x panggil ko kakak, Am. Maksud aku Kakak kepada Am.. hehe ;)

  5. kakgee says:

    Tqvm adik2. Allah the Almighty has given me the strength to go through the toughest part of my life. And I owe much to my beloved husband, parents, and bros, esp am for endless support and prayers. You guys can do better, u r still young and high-spirited. All the best.

  6. WaReMoN says:

    Wow..benda baru tu!

  7. Emmy Hermina says:

    wah tahniah kakgee!

  8. awin says:

    tahniah kak gee!

  9. husna says:

    salam… to read your blog. can i link to ur blog..

  10. Lutfi Amri says:

    Husna, Sure.. Why not

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