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Red light district

I’ve just feeling tired today. Probably because I had to go to Sunderland Hospital for my dental appointment. Gonna have my wisdom tooth removed in 8-11 weeks. It had gone bad – perhaps infected from the bad tooth close to it before, or probably because the way it came out.

Anyway, Sunderland from Durham is nearly one hour by bus. Coming back and forth, and meeting my supervisor at 3, not having lunch – I was so damn exhausted. Thanks God that Mom cooked my favourite spicy prawn – that recovered me while watching Friends on TV.

Last nite mom and dad were giggling about our experience in Amsterdam. Before departing, Andros asked me to tell him if I’ve ever gonna cross by a place call Red Light District. It’s a place where the prostitutes are finding their customer. But in a lil bit different way – they are all stay in behind the mirror advertising themselves. Well, that is what I heard.
Of course that is the place I don’t want to bring my parents to. It is just doesn’t fit – that’s pretty obvious, I should say.

So, when Kak Nur told me that she’s planning to go there when we arrive, that is the moment I asked them to just walk first and leave me and my parents behind. Ah yeah, that’s why the whole drama in the previous post happened (Andros, if you are reading this, I tell you about it later eh). But still it is for two different reasons – first, I don’t want the rest of the group to feel obliged to walk slowly just because my parents had to; second, coz they want to go to red-light so..

But the irony is, I got lost and while the rest of the group head to the flee market, I ended up bringing my parents to the red light district where lot of sex shops lie over there- selling dvd and things I don’t wanna tell in my blog. Hey, I thought when you say it is place for prostitution, it is supposed to be dark and kinda evilish look. It is actually by the canal and quite nice place to take a walk. I didn’t realize it is the red-light district up until I see there are 5 women in their bikinis behind the mirror of a shop.

I hissed to my mom, ‘mak, tu pelacur tu’ (mom, they are the prostitutes), and mom is surely surprised. That is totally not my proudest moment as a son – bringing my parents to see that. Haha. I thought it is kinda funny in a way.

I didn’t talk to my dad about it along the road but surely mom and dad talked about it. They are both


laughing about it – as those prostitutes are actually are not that pretty, some are fat and pretty much not arousing (whoa, that’s a cruel way of telling, but ..)

I told Mahadi, ‘hey, I thought they are supposed to be pretty (and hot). The prostitutes’

Mahadi said, ‘No they are not’.

Ah, so much for my imagination.

[Pix: This is actually in the red light district. See.. kinda pretty innit. That's why I dun know that it is 'the place']

5 Responses to “Red light district”

  1. dZuL says:

    Wei, xde gambar yg lebih menarik ke kt Red Light District? Something that can show what u r talking about. Heheheh ;p

  2. mahadi says:

    pretty ain’t suppose to be the main requirement. have something to ‘show’ and have the ability to do it anytime, anywhere, to anyone are juz enuff.

  3. Nursyeff@rni says:

    haha.. rasa2nya kalau u r not with ur parents at dat tym, u would take some pictures tak? Tak salah kan untuk kenangan hahaha.. Oh btw, rasanya kitorang kena lindungi daripada melihat perkara2 yang boleh mencemarkan mata kot pasal tu tak jumpa.. hehehe.. lagipun kitorang memang dah berada kat kawasan red light district but instead of walking horizontally along the river, kita pegi vertically tuk cari flee market tu. Adakah itu satu kerugian?

  4. Lutfi Amri says:

    Dzul >> I’m with my parents. What do u expect? At least has to pretend a lil bit innocent right (Damn, Im too honest on here)

    Mahadi >> Oh yeh, I never know. BTW, how do u know that? Experience. Sentap.

    Arni >> I could take the pix, but I won’t. Those ppl are scary !!

  5. Emmy Hermina Nathasia says:

    tak best kan g sana dgn parents… i wish i was there…

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