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My life revolves around my computer

Panjang tajuk. Let me put it this way, as oppose to my egoistic manner in previous previous blog (Boleh la mendoublekan perkataan kan.. direct translation)

I’m sorry for those who I am not able to entertain on YM. It is on my weakness not being able to talk or reply for doing something that might not be that important anyway

Like the title, I’m just feeling like sharing of why my status is usually busy on my YM. This is schedule for a whole day


Ordinary people: Bangun pagi, dan pergi sarapan. Menyelak surat khabar barangkali atau majalah. Makan sarapan sambil tv atau radio dibuka.

Extraordinary me: Bangun pagi, dan membuka laptop. Menyemak email Yahoo dan universiti. Makan sarapan pada waktu tengah hari sambil menonton apa-apa yang telah didownload di depan PC. Status: Busy. I’m not lying right?


Ordinary people: Pergi kerja. Yusran, my housemate pergi lab untuk buat experiment. Lepas tu lunch. Lepas tu balik.

Extraordinary me: Pergi universiti atau lepak kat rumah. Buka program MATLAB kalau nak buat eksperimen. Cari jurnal online kalau nak cari jurnal. Dengar mp3 ikut Winamp kalau bosan-bosan, atau tengok Youtube. Still using computer. Lepas tu lunch sambil tengok Stargate kat laptop. Lepas tu abis peak time. Status: Busy, I’m still not lying, right?


Ordinary people: Amirul, my other housemate spent his time playing football with other Malaysian. Sometimes, watching tv. Having a tea time is one thing as well.

Extraordinary me: Surely not playing football, perhaps playing sports or kart on Nintendo Wii. Or having a biscuit time watching something in my laptop. My riadah is when I write my blog like now, or editing video. Status: Busy (Still?), coz I am doing something, so I put my status ‘busy’, I’m not lying, am I? (start to doubting myself, a lil bit of suspense background music being played)


Ordinary people: Time to settling down. Either watching tv, having dinner, lepak-lepak, talk thru phone, doing something.

Extraordinary me: Nah, shouldn’t be settling down. I wake up on the afternoon, still have to the work or read or type or listening to music, oops. Having dinner while watching something (I do download a lot of tv shows – American Gladiators, UK Gladiators, High School Musical Get In The Picture, Stargate, etc), lepak-lepak watching YouTube. Status: busy. Ah, is it wrong for me to consider watching something as me being busy? Ah, see my way of making excuse.

That’s a whole day.

Ordinary people: Computer is when they are having a free time. Time to check friendster, or reading blog

Extraordinary me: Computer is my life.

Thank you

[Credit to Kak Nur for taking the picture]

3 Responses to “My life revolves around my computer”

  1. dZuL says:

    Salam, bro..
    Saja jer nk kata, gambar langit tu mmg beautiful. really like the picture. Try putting some word or anything to express the feeling of that person in the picture. Would be nice.

  2. awin says:

    cantiknya langit biru….
    (sambil buat2 tak nampak je org yg tgh berposing itu.)

  3. idontlikemondays says:

    hi! i was bored, went on a googling spree and found your blog! hahahahaha..the entry smacked me right at my face. my life really revolves around the computer and it’s shite! lately, computer pulak menunjukkan simptom-simptom kurang enak.. sangat risau!! :p

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