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Looking out the airplane window

[Soundtrack of the day: Bo Bice - It's My Life]

Looking out the airplane window
Thirty thousand miles of shadow
All the silver linings bend into the night

This is my soundtrack for whenever I board a plane. And mom and dad’s gonna will be aboard in 1 hour (for Penang – KL flight), so I kinda remember this song suddenly.

Status: Nervous.

Pukul 12.29am (UK) dan 7.30am di Malaysia. Kakak aku dah check in kan parents aku.

Seriously, I’m excited and nervous. I really hope that everything is smooth. I can’t do much today. I mean, I did quite a lot – pick up Mahadi in the town, play frisbee, and cooking, but whenever I had a free time, it is my time to keep thinking of ma parents.

Darn, now I understand when parents keep worrying about their children’s safety. I’m feeling it now. I guess it’s kinda overconcern, or being a lil bit overprotective.

Mahadi made a joke when I told him about what I’m thinking. He joked, ‘Takpa, depa kan dah besaq …’.


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