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1. waste (defs. 26–28).
2. done to no avail; useless: wasted efforts.
3. physically or psychologically exhausted; debilitated: to be wasted by a long illness.
4. Slang. overcome by the influence of alcohol or drugs.
5. Archaic. (of time) gone by.

Takrifan ‘wasted’. I’m so wasted! Tidak merujuk kepada takrifan keempat. Lebih kepada takrifan ketiga – keletihan secara fizikal atau mental. I guess that my mind had gone on and on and on. If it’s not about study, it would be about something else. Erk.

Anyway, dalam perjalanan ke department, 2 orang pelajar perempuan tegur aku, tanya soalan macam survey macam tu. Aku rasa perbualannya agak menarik, so aku share kat sini:-

Aku berjalan tepi Botanical Garden dan aku nampak mulut diorang bergerak-gerak.

Aku tanggalkan earphone kat telinga dan kitorang bertiga tergelak bersama sebab diorang tak perasan yang aku pakai earphone, manakala aku gelak sebab diorang gelak.

Diorang cakap la yang diorang macam dari Christian Society dan diaorang nak tanya aku beberapa soalan.

‘It is just gonna be 2 minutes’, budak perempuan rambut gelap cakap.

‘Ah, okay, coz I’m rushing to meet my supervisor’.

Kemudian diorang shoot me questions:-
What course am I doing, what’s my hope and fear;
and then come the more interesting part.

‘What do you think happened when you’re dead?’

So, I answered, ‘going to the judgement day, after .. ar.. you know Christian called it Armageddon .. and being sent to heaven or hell. That kind of thing’. I said ‘that kind of thing’ not because it is simple just some lame ending of my speech.

‘So how do you describe Gods?’ she said it, with the ‘s’ in the end of God.

‘Er…’ stumble. Bleh la plak stumble. ‘I had things in my mind but I’m just not capable of describing it at the mo..’. Yup, blame the language barrier. That’s true actually, and that’s gonna play the trick.

‘So who do you see Jesus as?’ kinda sounded it that way, or perhaps she asked me, ‘do you believe in Jesus’, I can’t remember the exact question.

I said, ‘ar.. we kinda see him as a messenger, the same way we see Abraham, Muhamad and Adam.’

‘What’s the purpose of him here?’, she asked

‘Is that what is or what was?’ bleh la aku plak yang particular fasal bahasa kan? ‘Ah, we see him as a messenger for a particular group of people.. er.. race. Like Moses for the Jews and Jesus for the … er..’ I was finding the word for ‘nasrani’, tapi apebenda la dalam BI nih, ‘er… Caucasian’ snap, macam tak betul jer terminologi itu, but they got the point. ‘We believe that he will be resurrected.. is that the right word?’

‘Yes yes’, one of the girl answered.

‘.. he’s gonna be resurrected in the future… a lil bit opposite of what Christian believe as you guys believe that he’s already been resurrected during Easter’, I was kinda doubting if that’s what they believe, but hey, they should understand.

Akhirnya diorang pun dah abis soalan, diorang bagi la flyer fasal BBQ esok. Kinda Christian Talks BBQ la. A lil bit of preaching session.

But hey, who’s the preacher man just now? :)


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