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Gambar lepak di Newcastle

This post is dedicated to Emmy, as she gave me compliment of my current profile picture in friendster. First of all here’s some other pix. Note that it doesn’t gone through any digital enhancement except from the built-in effect from the new camera I just bought from Abg Tra (my new camera, his old camera, got it?)


Hairi, Yasmin and Putri


Kak Dijah Durham


Kak Nur

I shouldn’t deny that SLR camera will produces better quality, but this one is good enough what…

And for Emmy, the hunt for the best picture is not actually one-time snap. I am not that photogenic. It had to go through dozens of snapping before getting the best one (kinda learnt from those reality show)


And my favourite is the one currently in my profile which is:-


5 Responses to “Gambar lepak di Newcastle”

  1. khalidah says:

    Eu….(refer to last 3 sentances..)

  2. mahadi says:

    wanna ‘eu…’ too…

  3. Lutfi Amri says:

    Both of you do not deserve to ‘eu’ing me as you guys also do the same thing. Haha

  4. Emmy Hermina Nathasia says:

    i understand (am referring to the fact that you’re not photoghenic, have to tried out many times to take picts and choose the best ones. am going through the same phase too) hihi

  5. Lutfi Amri says:

    Emmy… siap nama penuh lagi tuh.

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