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So I was feeling hungry. My dinner was at 7 something and now it is 12.16 am. I was hungry. Usually this time around in Penang, I’ll be visiting Subaidah or Khalil. Having some nasik lemak Subaidah or anythin in Khalil. Perhaps not much anymore if I’m in Malaysia, thinking that the price maybe over the top right now, but anyway, you got my point.

So it’s time for supper. People keep saying that I’m lucky. Coz I don’t have fat so it seems like I can eat as much as I can. However, some fat can keep me warm, but since I don’t have it, I was freezing myself a lil bit once I arrive in Bristol the other day. Abg Tra said that ‘it was not that bad’, but I didn’t think the same. Not saying that Abg Tra is fat. He lose his weight compare when he was in Malaysia. Perhaps it is not about fatty kind of thing at all. I was in Dundee, Mahadi was feeling fine about the weather, wearing just one layer of shirt, but I was the one feeling chilly. Wassup with my fellow friends? They kinda adapt to the weather easily, I suppose. And they know how to cook better than I do. Urgh..

Anyway, all of those paragraphs above were just a prologue. Here’s the story:-

I felt hungry and I went to the kitchen. But at 12 something in the morning, guess who I see cooking happily? My floormates – Linda and Memen, two chinese girl from China are cooking. I asked, ‘is it just two of you or other Chinese also cook this late at night?’

‘Yeah, I guess other Chinese also do it,’

‘So, it is safe to say that Asian just love to eat late at night eh?’ I said, thinking that my Pakistanis and Indians friends back in Brunel also having a late dinner. Coz it is so not British. When I was living with my English housemates back in London, they slept at 10 or 11, just about the time I’m having my fried chicken and chips. See how does it works?

Some people asked me, you ever think of marrying an English? Those are ‘for fun’ question, they don’t really mean it much. But next time I should answer, ‘it’s gonna be a troublesome coz as her bed time is my dinner time’. Suddenly an obscene question came out in my mind. Damn.

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  1. huda says:

    hhihihihi…am lawak tul ayat akhir tu…

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