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Best Friend

Dah lama takde Soundtrack of The Day:-

So, soundtrack of the day Toy-Box – Best Friend. Lagu lama. Tengok video klip dia kat Youtube, teringat lak kat Baling, rumah mak mentua kak aku, sebab dulu diorang duk pasang VCD lagu nih waktu aku kat sana

Kinda sleepy, so just a simple wish to my friends before going to sleep -

  • to the girl who’s fighting to spread her wing (read:fly), go on and do it. You got nothing to lose. Really. You’ll be rewarded for your effort, InsyaAllah. And if you feel like being a lady and feeling to cry (eu), you know where to find me. Er… but I prefer you not be a lady.. so penat!
  • to the girl who’s also want to spread her wing, be calm and have more patience. Same here, you got nothing to lose. So don’t lose your motivation and spirit.
  • to the guy who wants to remain flying around the same place, you know what to do. You already did it well, I am totally not in the right place to give you advice. Damn!
  • to the guy who also wants to remain flying around the same place (apsal ada unsur-unsur pengulangan nih?), you also know what to do. Do it now!
  • to the girl who recently subscribe to my blog, I wish you get better. Hope God helps you through your hard time. Always pray for your good health.
  • to the guy who is so wasted lately. Get your grip. Don’t lose it all. You don’t want to lose it all.

As the mysteries is what make this post beautiful, don’t ask me who’s that girl or who’s that guy. Okay la, I tell you one so that you feel okay. The last one is me, the rest is my friend:)

3 Responses to “Best Friend”

  1. huda says:

    hihihihi…am i in there?

  2. mahadi says:

    baru ku perasan (dapur tak digunakan sekarang)

  3. hany says:

    awk blaja kt overseas ke amri??sy nk g jgk tp g german la..insya allah

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