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Gambar lepak di Newcastle

This post is dedicated to Emmy, as she gave me compliment of my current profile picture in friendster. First of all here’s some other pix. Note that it doesn’t gone through any digital enhancement except from the built-in effect from the new camera I just bought from Abg Tra (my new camera, his old camera, […]


I just talked to Kak Khalidah. She asked me about getting to a place in KL. It goes like this:- ‘So nak pergi situ nak kena naik (train) apa yek?’ ‘Er…, boleh tak kalau nak mengeji sikit?’, aku tanya balik. ‘Apa?’, Kak Khalidah cakap. Takkanlah dia nak cakap tak boleh pulak sebab keinginan dia untuk […]