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Si Tenggang’s Sails Again

As I walk towards the sunset

Leaving all the memories behind me

Turning everything to something I call experience

And facing every single new days

Living the dreams I long had

Wishing it will come true someday

Hoping it will be easy each days

And wonder how many surprises are waiting

To shock me with twist and turns

And pull me down from where I am

Dragging around to the bottom of the lowest

Slowly eating me up.

Life is kinda overrated

Expectations sometimes kill me

Perceptions deceive everybody.

I have sail again to this land

Learning of life and love

Running on the horizon that will never end

Trying to reach the stars

I may fall each time I try

But I always know there are people who will catch me.

It is a mix up between want it and avoid it

Acceptance and rejection

Being silent or loud.

It is just me.

My ship had landed

And life has already started writing its own history.

2.47am, 6th of May

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