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Missing someone

Nuar asked me in our chat session, ‘Missing anyone?’

I answered, ‘no one’.

I take it back. At this moment I’m missing my mom a lot. She isn’t feeling well, but she’s getting better. I pray for her health, and hopefully for everyone reading this, it’s gonna be one more prayer for her.

mom_waI guess I’m settling down well here. So, let’s reminisce some memories coz it’s kinda good to miss other people. Kinda put a warmth in my heart in the coldness of ….. err… spring? (Spring isn’t suppose to be this cold)

[Pix of mom and wa(mom's sister), on the way to say goodbye in Penang Airport]

Specially for kak and Kak Dijah, this song is dedicated to you, as you guys are big fan of him:-

[Soundtrack hari ini: Faizal Tahir (a.k.a budak yang tanggal baju tuh,so said Mahadi) – Mungkin Ku Tak Bisa


Picture of coming back from Debat Perpaduan in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. I love this picture. And I kinda miss the experience.

Around this moment, USM debater should be going to Universiti Utara Malaysia for another Debat Perpaduan. Hopefully USM will win this time:)


Picture of Dzul, Ali and myself. We were in Alor Setar at that time. Pidin and Fariz was in the front seat.

Dzul, Ali and Fariz was my friends who I knew in Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang.

I guess that a reminder of how great life was back in matrics is making me smiling at the moment.

Matrix:- where life wasn’t that ‘complicated’. Although I can’t follow ‘wherever you go’, but I just love ‘everything’ around me. Where we were ‘all rise’ and ‘in the end’ we all scattered ‘a thousand miles’ apart but we still fond of each other ‘whenever wherever’

[Song title by Avril Lavigne, The Calling, Michelle Branch, Blue, Linkin Park, Vanessa Carlton and Shakira - the soundtracks of matriks]


Ah yes, I miss my nephews and niece. All of them except the youngest one is in this picture.

It’s kinda not interesting to return later and find out that they already all grow up.

Darn, when I will get one of my own? LOL

Uh, I wanna keep writing and putting pictures but I guess it’s already 3 am. I wanna get to sleep soon. I could be missing everyone all night long. But here should be enough for tonight. Haha

8 Responses to “Missing someone”

  1. mahadi says:

    apa ni…
    aku tidak pernah pun berkata sedemikian.
    aku cuma kata “yang bukak2 baju tu ka..”.
    Camtu ok!

  2. Lutfi Amri says:

    Oklaa, takde perkataan budak. Dan hang sebut ‘bukak’.
    Apology for the wrong usage of words. Apologize.
    Eh eh eh..


  3. iNa says:

    ish2..bdAk2 nih..
    cite maMat superMan tu pn bLeh kEcoh..;p

  4. ratu kamben says:

    1. Semoga mak hang bertambah sehat..AMIN..

    2. Yess! Super pejal..keke!

    3. Alah..semua orang pon tanggal baju kan? apa nak kecoh..kekeke

  5. tra says:

    awwww,baru tau ratu kamben selalu tgk org bukak baju sampai takyah kecoh2..ahaks.

  6. Lutfi Amri says:

    Ratu kamben la Abg Tra.. bukan ratu ikan. Ratu ikan yang takleh tengok orang bukak baju…

  7. khalidah says:

    wah… sentap

  8. kak says:

    pedulik la pejal buka baju, janji vokal dialah yang paling sedap kat malaysia la ni, ramalan kak tahun lepas dah jadi kenyataan, dia menang vokal terbaik lelaki aim. eh, why not u englishkan pulak lagu mungkin ku tak bisa ni, nada pun tak tinggi, suits your vocal…try la.

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