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I’m a lil bit lazy today. Woke up this morning with a lil bit of dry throat, not sore, just dry. Perhaps my heater was on last night. I turned it to the lowest level but still.

It is kinda weird with the heater thingy. It drives me dry at night although I opened up the window. Although I was in UK last year for the whole year (except the time I went back to Malaysia for 3 weeks and after I finished my MSc which now doesn’t sound like a whole year eh), I was living a cheaper life. Price of gases is something, so we – me and my Britons house mates do not turn it to the warmest level it can be, just good enough to stay alive.

And although I have my own electric heater in my room, I did not turn it on when I sleep as it doesn’t have thermostat so the heat is coming out with no stop and make my room a big size oven. So, sleeping under duvet is nice enough except when I got cold or flu.

Anyway, enough about the heating system. The bottom line is – don’t turn on heater at night, it drives you dry.

Last night I talked to ma parents. I sent them my videos of Bishop Auckland trip and Newcastle ‘Halal Chicken’ mission.

‘Okey, mak nampak apa? Baca’

‘Am … is sending you .. a .. f.i.l.e’, my mom couldn’t speak English. But she doesn’t put the boundary because of it.

‘Ha, betul tu. Mak klik kat ‘save’. Ada dak save’

‘Ada ada’

‘Klik save pastu satgi keluar satu kotak. Klik save lagi’.

‘Haa dah’, she said after a while. And I could see the file being transfered through Yahoo Messenger. Good things about videoblogging is I can show it how is it like in UK.

Ah ya, I haven’t mention anywhere before but my parents are coming this July. For about 7 weeks until September after my birthday. My sister goes like, ‘Aah, 7 weeks? We have some kursus around that time and we’ve been thinking of asking mak to look after the kids’.
‘Naah, you got your time sis, I’m taking mine!’, evil as it sound, I burst into laugh for pretending making this as a big issue.

Uh, I kinda feel refreshed now after type this whole thing. 1 pm on the corner of the screen. Pray and then off to Durham to get some roti. You know what, since the day I came back from London for Simple Plan concert, it took me 12 days not eating any rice. Kinda feel lazy to cook so roti is a good substitution.

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  1. ratu kamben says:

    Woohoo!!..semoga hang bermotivasi tinggi bila teringatkan detik ur parents will be there for 7 weeks!

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