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I’ll Never Understand

[Soundtrack hari ini: Blue - Girl I'll Never Understand from the very first album All Rise. No particular reason for putting this song, just suddenly remember this song. Oh yeah, creative person will speculate that it had to do with some girls, but ... well, just let them being creative there]

Ah ya, I’m in London currently. Bercuti. Perlu ke bercuti? Sorta

Esok gi jalan-jalan lagi dengan Kak Nur, lusa balik semula ke Durham. Not much to note. Kinda tired, but just wanna let people know where I am currently.

Kamera rosak, so takleh nak boh gambar…

Nanti ah aku transfer dari kamera Kak Nur

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  1. muzem says:

    Selamat bercuti-cuti UK.

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