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How are you?

Baru lepas chat ngan Awin (x-KMPP -skali Biro Akademik dulu, x-UMS, USM skang nih). And here is the transcript:-

[After chatting a while, then she goes] {Blue is me, and pink is awin – the color is gender oriented innit]

may i say something?


reading ur blog
this is not the 1st time i tought this
i feel like

what hav u thought?

it is some time difficult to talk to u
esp in ur ym
i’m soo afraid to say hi
hello or hpw’re u..
u gave me a hard tiem, u know..
spelling error banyak dah nih..huhu

sorry if i already put that kind of things into people’s mind
but honestly, being away is hard enough

ye am..( i know u don’t like am…with many dots)

haha, u learnt me a lot
let me tell u
being away is hard enough
how are u seems like a simple question but really, it is a hard question to answer
coz that kind of question make me conflicting
whether I’m fine
or am I fine? I asked myself
coz in a way, I’m fine for not falling sick for having a good time here
but in other way, I’m not that fine coz it’s kinda boring in here when I have to go through days on my own
so, that’s why it kinda hard for me to answer that question
no offense

oh…so, the truth is
tp jgn risau, saya ok je

yup, that kind of things
but u know what
go and shoot physical solid question
like how cold is it now here?
or is there any sun out there
or have I eat
something that I won’t get conflicted
lol – I’m demanding ain’t I?

but, can’t avoid it
it’s part of our culture rite?
we do care about each other
walaupon kadang2, tp kite nak juga tau kaba kawan2 kite
when i ask u how r u?
if u’re good-say u’re good
if not, say it’s not

yes, kak nur told me about the same

if u’re not sure

i’m just overthinking

or get conflicted
do this
smile…n say, “ntah, taktau la…doa2 la everything is fine”
fadzillah kamsah yg ajar jawab cmni
so x la tr over thinking or…buat org susah hati- kalau takut la org susah hati
hehe..dlm masa yg sama, mungkin terdetik dlm hati org tu utk aminkan
kan dah dapat doa free2…

yup yup
i try to follow ur advice

6 Responses to “How are you?”

  1. mahadi says:

    can u…?

  2. Achik says:

    Am, sekarang peralihan musim bunga ke musim panas ek…
    kalau tak boleh minta Am ambik gambar bunga-bunga penuh padang untuk Achik..

  3. Kak Nur says:

    salam…thanks for helping..

    yeah awin…same thinking aiiii?

  4. Razali says:

    Huhu…camne nak boh comment neh….First comment dari aku… Had neh ok skit la…BAru bleh bukak.. Lutfi, cantek la blog baru ko neh…eh…blok ke neh?????? Ape2 hal…later2 aku ade mase aku bace eh….Take care….Tensen2 lagi ka

  5. awin says:

    most welcome.
    same thinking? ya.. =)

  6. Emmy Hermina Nathasia says:

    interesting conversation there! hhmmm

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