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How can you mend this broken heart?

2 songs about broken heart. One is quite popular by Bee Gees – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. Surely I don’t listen to this song. I kinda like the version by American Idol contestant (Carrie Underwood Season) – Mario Vasquez. Here is the video clip if you are too free of time to watch it:-

Lagi satu lagu dari Jimmy Ruffin. Who the hell is he? Ntah, Wikipedia helped. Tapi lagu ni dicover oleh Westlife. Sekali lagi, kalau korang sangat tidak busy, boleh la dengar. Lagu ni lama dah Westlife cover. Waktu zaman My Love, I lay my love on you.

But this post actually about the broken hearted. Not mine. But one that I manage to make it broken.

Tugasan aku minggu lepas. Amik satu model.


Tambah noise, dan kemudian bagi dia elok balik. Minggu lepas dah okey, tapi result macam tak brapa betul. Tapi baru kejap tadi aku buat sedikit perubahan. And here is what I get:-


What becomes of the broken hearted? And how can I mend a broken heart?

Seems like I could break a heart easier than to heal it. And yes, I meant for the model above. But Kak Khalid I bet you see the irony of this aren’t ya? Yeah, keep laughing!

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  1. khalidah says:

    wow, i kinda impress actually :) , that’s cool -refer to your model

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