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So I create a new category, My Philosophy a.k.a time for me to mumbling all around. Naah, you don’t have to read this post. Just skip it and watch the video log I post couple of hours ago

I am fine.
I guess.
No, I kinda certain.
But kinda is not certain.

Just yesterday I told a friend that I’m fine.
Just this evening that everything is alright.
But I guess that brain and heart goes its own way. It is weird that the fact that I am fine or not is determined by heart and not my brain.

And the things that heart feels is not something static. Happy, sad, worried and angry. Those are the things that keep interchanging that redefined the state of mind. I could be fine in this moment but not fine in the next couple of minutes.

It is tragic that brain can’t go over what heart feels most of the time. At least in my case, perhaps you are stronger than I am. Not feeling inferior, just being sarcastic.


There come time in life where we face a downturn or roadblock. It is taking a lot of effort to pass it over or turn the other way around. It is not in our hand. That is a fact. Maths can create a set of probability prediction and regardless of how small the possibility is, we never know that probably the small tiny possibility is the one that belong to us. And to have a degree of confident regardless of how big it is, we still have to admit that it is not in our hand.

So it is simple. Perhaps easier to say that doing it.

Whenever heart feel the dampness of the world, just feel it and be alive. Fighting it might make it all wet. I wanna draw a boundary and put a gate around it. Let me be in this hole and allow only who I trust to enter and try to make it dry. And if there’s no one that I can let entering this circle, I should always know, He will always be there for me, answering my prayer.

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  1. awin says:

    *just being sarcastic? bagus..

    hm, ur post sounds familiar.
    holly kennedy perhaps? I never knew that ‘uncertainty of how fine am I’ is infectious.

    it’s ok- doakanlah yg terbaik! n try to be yg terbaik tu~

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