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2nd post of the day. New category – Check this out Abg Jun (my bro), you need to check this out. You gonna love this. Everyone else – kalo korang berminat melihat gambar-gambar iklan yang menarik, yang selalunya bebudak Masscom buat pameran, pergilah ke site ini I Believe in Advertising This is a pix […]


Yeah Awin, Holly Kennedy! Influenced by the character I supposed (Refer to Awin’s comment on Heart. Holly Kennedy ialah watak utama dalam novel P.S. I Love You, novel yang telah difilemkan) Some friends start worrying of what I wrote in Heart. Aku baca balik. Hm.. kinda amazing. I was impressed with my own post (that’s […]


So I create a new category, My Philosophy a.k.a time for me to mumbling all around. Naah, you don’t have to read this post. Just skip it and watch the video log I post couple of hours ago I am fine. I guess. No, I kinda certain. But kinda is not certain. Just yesterday I […]