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Sorry seems to be…

I kinda feeling bad for throwing my tantrum on the blog. Cursing everyone is not like me at all (Well, I did it with my friends but not to open public like this). I guess, the bad thing about being alone is I don’t have anyone around me to express my anger. I will ended up living alone with that kind of attitude. Perhaps I should try to get rich and marry a gold digger. Well, that was me trying to make a joke.

1.43 am in Durham (UK actually) and I have sort of feeling like I don’t wanna sleep. I had a fever after recording those video. After talked to my parents at 12.00am, it was getting better. I remembered my Standard 6 teacher, Cikgu Latifah Hussain used to call me ‘not getting enough of vitamin-K’. As K was referred to ‘kasih sayang’. Well, I did have a fever once a month back then in my UPSR year when I lived for 6 months with my late grandma (including aunt, cousins etc).

I’m gonna take my rest soon. Got a class tomorrow morning at 9.30.

My body feel much better already. I just wanna have a sweet dream…

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  1. WaReMoN says:

    Marry a gold digger? That applies only to females..not sure if there are any female grave digger..hehehe ;p

  2. prince aeriff says:

    saya tk berapa paham tpi saya tahu abg menyesal..biar apa org nk kata..tpi saya suka suara n video abg..u are my idol..

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