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Day 5

Day 5: A song to match your mood.


This is hard one. Is wondering what I feel like right now.

I bit fine coz I had a nice evening at DUMAS (Durham Uni Malaysian Soc) social event. Had a very fruitful discussion with Iskandar just now at his place, then a short chat with Astrid, my Indonesian neighbour who live next door as she was sending off her friends to the gate.

So yeah, was feeling okay. But now all of the worry kinda creeping me out. So, kinda feeling anxious.

So…. a song to match my mood?

[sedang browse mp3 dalam komputer untuk mencari lagu yang sesuai]


Carrie Underwood – Play On

Even when the floodgates swing wide open
Never let the current take you down, no
Even when you’re not sure where you’re going
Swimming through a mess and you can’t get out
Just going through the motions
Trying not to drown

Dapat pun. Cool…

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