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A bit

I was trying to type some long stuff before, but due to a bit of jiwa kacau, I had deleted the entry. This happens a lot when I feel uneasy.


I ended up going down and have a conversation with Hafidz instead.

I always got great friends. Meh, few not-so-great friends as well, but I am evil. I ditch them for being not-so-great.

That’s sarcasm. If you got it. Or probably truth. Who knows?

I just wanna fill this space with a story.

Few days ago, my nephew, Unik (yes, you know him) leave me a comment on my previous profile picture on Facebook.

Pardon him for few grammatical error, but saying that, pardon me for mine as well. I knew I’m not the best person when it comes to grammar. Oh, unless you are talking about mathematical grammar, that’s okay. Yes, mathematics has grammar as well, you know

Anyway, this is what Unik wrote:

‘Nice Pics I will support you so don’t give up doing a thing is that are more important in your life just like pray for our god, so dancing is not important but keep going ok, don’t be lazy from writing your period so you can back home earlier and you will make my new vids ok, don’t lose your humanity, keep going.’


Sekali-sekala anak menakan bagi nasihat. I would be stupid not to follow this one:)

5 Responses to “A bit”

  1. mahir says:

    nak entry jiwa kacau. napa delete?

  2. Amri says:

    Entah. Jiwa tengah kacau waktu tu

  3. ala comelnya anak buah bagi msg. haha.

    entry jiwa kacau.hurm, macam familiar. Last2 delete jugak.

  4. mahir says:

    mana satu? jiwa kacau dulu ke atau tetiba di berlin? koff *smug face*

  5. WaReMoN says:

    siap ada “don’t lose your humanity” lagi. he he

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