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Thanks for the responses of the video. It was such nice words I’ve been receiving. And to fans who’s following me (gituh), share it on your Facebook, please! See, I didn’t even ask you guys to buy it on iTunes, or buy the merchandise or pay me some money. Just share it on FB? Yea? […]

Suasana di Hari Raya (Versi Perantauan)

Okeh, new video is up! Fuh. Nasib baik shooting dengan kuih raya, so taklah terliur sangat. Buatnya shooting dengan mi kuah ke, ayam golek ke, conform perut berkeroncong. Anyway… Thanks to the castmembers who were so supportive and cool. At least, adegan bersembang-sembang tu taklah nampak macam dibuat-buat. Even adegan berwebcam pun nampak meyakinkan walaupun […]