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Oh, I haven’t gone personal for the past few posts…

Not in the mood I guess.

But yeah, recently I’m dealing with a personal understanding. Well, I should probably call it a personal issue, but it’s not much of an issue; so just an understanding.

I called my mom last week, talking bout this and that. And tell her that I’ve discovered myself as a changed man. I become more firm about stuff. Mom reminded me to care about my tone of talking to people to convey a message. So we went and discussed about this matter. And in the end mom kinda agree with me when I said that I’m a grown man ~ it’s about time to be a bit firm and tegas about some stuff. So, that’s it.

Well, you probably think that only teenager is learning bout themselves. Grown up people still do!

Hence now I’m telling you that I’m all alone in the house for the summer. Hasnol has already gone home for data collection. It’s rather okay though. I still got friends who stays over for summer including but not limited to Syukri and few guys in Ustinov College. Plus I should be writing my work now. So, I’ll be fine. Plus, I do enjoy having house to myself ~ except the fact that I have to cover the bills all by myself.

Luckily it’s been warm these days.

Just random story.

A very close friend of mine told me a conflict of hers.

And this is what I said (or type on Skype actually); I rephrase:

~ I’m honestly tired of listening to your story. I can support you choosing this or that BUT not both.

Oh. That kind of ‘firm’ ~ yeah. Or probably she caught me when I’m hungry…


3 Responses to “Personal”

  1. mahir says:

    kengkadang bila saya berada dlm sesuatu situasi, bila baca blog kamu ni… ada kesentapan.. kengkadang terpikir juga ‘eh mcm mana amri tahu’ gituh. tapi mebi kebetulan

  2. Khalidah says:

    well, I guess she did ‘caught’ you :D, if she is the one that you mean… (sambil gelak guling2) dan berdasarkan perkembangan terkini…she is getting nearer and closer according to the latest chat… :D

  3. WaReMoN says:

    crankiness ketika lapar mmg normal

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