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My Moment

Rebecca Black with her new video!! Woop woop.

Okay, I get how a lot of people hate her, and even at this moment there’s like 179k of likes but 326k of dislikes of this new video; I think this video is nice.

My predicament is simple ~ as I like Ke$ha’s song about glitter and being dumb, and a bit of Gaga’s singles from the first album which says ‘i want your ugly, i want your disease’; I think it’s not fair to criticize this girl. So, yeah.

Plus, life is easy this day. You want something, you click it. If you don’t want something, it’s not like on tv  while you are watching your favourite tv show and then are forced to watch through an uncomfortable commercial about ‘minuman kacip fatimah’ or some happy jumpy girl with women hygiene product while your mom is just next to you.


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  1. waremon says:

    haha, aku setuju dgn pernyataan terakhir tu :’D

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