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A tricky business

I could feel that summer breeze coming through my head. And it was lovely.

As lovely as dream I am having in my head. But it was blurry.

While they say that failing to plan is planning to fail; I’m drawing this picture in my head and I start to wonder; is this imagination is worth to ponder; and would this simple planning in my head would make it better; or it will actually fail me as some imagination of mine; does not seems can be changed to a reality.

I love to say this; it’s a beauty of nothing strange; for what typical it is that makes me wanting more.

And let the dice rolls. If it hits 6, I’ll move forward. If it hits 1, I’ll still move forward, but just slower. If it hits 5 when you are at 4, I’ll pass by you; and we’re just not meant to be together. And I’ll throw the dice again, and I’ll move forward…

[Amri, 4.03 am, 14/4/2011]

8 Responses to “A tricky business”

  1. khalidah says:

    Owh…poor you :(…(mode sambil mengerdipkan mata)
    well at least you give it a try and you did have fun anyway…. (konsep serkap jarang..boleh) :p

  2. blubell says:

    Awat ni…awat ni… sapo dok usik ni.. heheh. Ka takda orang usik hat jadi lagu ni ni.. :P Bertabah-lah :)

  3. Amri says:

    WAH, motip serkap jarang!!!

    But well, it’s kinda fun.. so go on :P

  4. Amalina was :0 says:

    cis org tnya kt inbox xjwab aa! correct grammar barew tahoo. muahahahha

    =ala aku leh agak jwapan yg SEBENAR2NYA ekkekekeke

  5. Amri says:

    This entry is made for speculation, not explanation :P

  6. Amalina bluweks at..!ahaha says:

    And I didn’t explain my speculation


    ps: bukan ko sorang je ada skill teasing.ahahha

  7. Amri says:

    skill teasing, of course i’m not the only one. I’m just better at it! Haha

  8. Amalina boleh tersengih sekarang says:

    practice makes perfect

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