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To my friends who had just recently became fathers. Now you can

* Say that you are watching Pokemon sebab nak temankan anak, while actually it’s the other way around. Southpark is a no-no.

* Buy new lens because you want to take pictures of your daughter growing up, and it’s true, but well, that’s not the only reason:)

* Use your daughter as an excuse to bow out from an event while actually you’re just tired and you want to go home.

* Use your daughter as an excuse to not mixing up with certain people.

* Get people to say how much you love your babies for doing 2 things above because unlike myself, you guys would not say ‘use your daughter’.

* Say you are taking a nap in the afternoon because you ~  couldn’t sleep last night because your daughter keep waking you up; or you just want to take a nap anyway so you tepuk-tepuk you daughter on the bed so she sleeps and you can sleep as well. And now it doesn’t matter if you even sleep lepas Asar, people would less likely say ‘tak baik tidur lepas Asar’ because, come on, you didn’t have enough sleep last night coz she’s crying all night long.

* Go back to your mom’s house as your mom misses her grandchild a lot. Well, come on, we both know you are planning to use that excuse way before your daughter was born.

* Ask your friend in Durham to buy present for your newborn baby, and then reminding him that he hasn’t even buy you present for the weddings. Seriously? Two major events (marriage and getting babies) in two years! I haven’t even finish my studies in the meantime!

* Get ready for different sets of cliche question from our people. Now the new set list will include, but not limited to “anak dah boleh berjalan?”, “anak dah boleh bercakap?” and “bila Syifa’/Bushra nak dapat adik?”. Oh yeah, you think getting married and having a baby now would avoid such questions. But no, it never end mate, it never end. Your friend in Durham is probably the only one who will ask ‘dah bagi nama Pokemon apa kat baby’, and that’s gold! Haha.

4 Responses to “Fathers”

  1. Mahadi says:

    LOL…………………………………………. just knowing that Muzaini had a girl too…

  2. muzaini says:

    haha…nice..terasa dalam k hehehe…yet,nak present gak hahaha…

  3. WaReMoN says:

    yes, soalan2 tu xkan berenti, ever!!

  4. fairealsitic says:

    cute la entry nih..haha

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