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The Art Of Predicting What Others May Say

[After revisiting the last post I wrote, I’ve just realise that I did say that I want to extend this part. So, after more than 3 years, here goes the expansion of Loving Shin Chan for a Different Reason]

Isn’t it nice? Sometimes when you know people for quite some time, you can actually guess what they may say. It seems like they (and myself) are programmed to react or say a certain words after some circumstances.

For my friend Zeah, these are probably gonna be her ‘aww’ moment

1) You know. It’s weird that how there’re awful lot of girls passing by through the cafeteria everyday. I’ll sit down sipping my morning teh tarik before classes started, facing the side where I could see lot of students walks to go their 8 am class. One by one and you know how many girls are there in Matriks. But, when I see that particular girl pass by, just from her side, I could recognize that it was her. You know, she’s the one in the hundreds, one in a million, in fact, but probably not the one for me….(Queue: Aaawww… for Zeah)

2) I’ll open the door and I don’t see anyone. I walk through the living room and see no one in the kitchen either. So I call for my mom and I heard her answer. The voice came from her room. Then I walked inside and I see her. She’s sitting on the floor with her leg strecth out, and she’s massaging her feet. ‘Lenguh kaki,’ she said. I sit down beside her, put some massaging oil on my hand and I start massaging her feet. ‘Okay ka?’ I asked her while looking into her weak eyes. (Queue: Aaaawwww… for Zeah again! And probably some other peeps! Keke).

See. Isn’t it awesome when you know how to guess what others may say or react? Although if someone has a bad intention, one may use it for the personal advantages. Keke. And I’ll never tell you if I’ve done it or not (Dini probably think I haven’t, while Kak Khalidah probably think ‘of course!’)

Brutally honest, I like this particular part for fun. Just something to make someone laughing or showing the cheekiness side of me to my mom (Zeah, u can’t stop ‘awww’ing,can you?).

But throwing myself in some random writing of some stories, I find it rather useful to know this as to put an impact on the writing. Having lot of ‘awww’ moment may actually increase the excitement and melt some readers. There it goes of not telling peeps if I did it for personal advantages.

Anyway, it goes with similar flow. To predict some people’s reaction is by really knowing them. And the simplest way of all is by being their friends in ups and downs. Then we know when this ‘joke’ will actually works or not. Coz the very last thing that we want is to laugh and hurt someone at the same time:)

[Zeah, how many time you 'awww' in total?]

I was about to stop but here am I remembering some good point of knowing how to predict others. Let’s go a bit serious already.

For me, as much as life revolves around myself as someone said that I’m living in my own bubble; it should always not be the case of them all.

Sometimes it’s wise to be able to read someone from their face. Face gives you a lot of information. Like if they are actually tired such that they don’t want us to talk too much, or they are depressed and they probably don’t want to talk about it, but they actually may want to, but we just have to pick up the right moment! Sounds familiar?

I would never say that I’m good in that one. It’s easy to chill and make joke when people are happy. But when someone is down, it’s really tricky of saying the right thing. But yeah, learn. At the very least, if we see them getting too sensitive, we might remind ourself that it’s not our fault for that, and we’ll figure things out from there.

Uh, such a heavy one! Predicting Others May Say… I really should just keep it simple as “predicting Zeah’s ‘awww, so sweeet‘ moment”. Saying that makes it feel lighter already! (Queue: CIS!)

3 Responses to “The Art Of Predicting What Others May Say”

  1. zeah says:

    lutfi… tersentap aku and yes memang aku ada buat all the “awww so sweet” moment to every point… especially part mak kau dengan the one in a million ….. darn it…. tapi yg last tu… aku tak cakap cis.. tapi aku buat…”heeyyy”… hehe

  2. Amri says:


    Eh salah lak. It should be ‘heey’ for u yeah! :D

  3. WaReMoN says:

    adakah ang merujuk kpd *****licious? XD XD

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