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[Ini entri lewat post, taip pagi tadi]

Sedang buat programming sambil dengar lagu.

I’m listing down the song I’m listening and anything come out in my head

1. Bo Bice – Nothing Without You
~ ‘all comes down to one thing, all of this means nothing without you’ <– jiwang enuff yeh

2. Camp Rock – Introducing Me
~ first line is ‘I’m good in wasting time…’
~ ‘I’ve never been really into cars..’ <– junior maths; obviously this is not your song

3. Boys Like Girls – Holiday
- my soundtrack of my first year in Durham.
~ ‘i need to take a holiday’ <– so true.

4. Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Fool
~’step up, step up,step up’

5. Usher – DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

6. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart
~baru download lagu ni
~’If you fall for me
I’m not easy to please
Imma tear you apart
Told you from the start, baby from the start’
~WOW, I’m loving this song!!! Wahahaha.

7. Jena Lee – J’amerai Tellement
~ Ada beberapa orang bukan Malaysia yang kebetulan surname diorang Amri yang mengikut aku di Youtube dan diorang suma ni di France!
~ Kena praktis lagu nih untuk next performance nih dan release untuk fan di France (gituh!) oh, dan Dini juga yang belajar France. Keke.

8. Cheryl Cole – Parachute

9. Backstreet Boys – Shattered
~mood kecewa: ON
~’u took my emotion, and shattered them all the ground’ <– sangat tragis
~tu laa.. dah warning awal-awal ‘imma tear you apart’ dalam lagu no 6; tak nak percaya…

10. Backstreet Boys – This Is Us

11. David Cook – Life On The Moon
~first line is ‘here’s in this crowd I’m feeling all alone’

12. Carrie Underwood – Twisted
~Hafidz sentap bila dengar lagu ni hari itu sebab lirik dia ‘i’m gonna love you even if it’s wrong’.
~I said, well, maybe dia ala-ala cinta terhalang parents; but well you know this American peeps with their life. Keke.

13. Backstreet Boys – Don’t Want You Back
14. BLG feat Taylor Swift – Two is better than one
15. Glee – 4 Minutes
16. Jonas Brothers – Burnin’ Up

17. JLS – One Shot
~Ini boleh jadi soundtrack lagu Fez pada Anis. Mahir will goes like this, ‘who’s Anis? Oh, that girl. Dah lupa dah’. I might be wrong on this one, you tell me Mahir!

9 Responses to “Songs”

  1. mahir says:

    hahahahaha cesss, mana tau ni?
    (sambil usap dagu)

  2. Amri says:

    Nice, I got it right! Boleh jadi modal untuk bervain dengan Amalina dan Syafiqah

  3. rdniika says:

    went to listen to the french song you were talkin about, it’s nice :) please do sing it for us fans who’s living in France and the one who’s learning french i.e. me! gituh~ hee~ ^^

    ni yg semangat Dini nak belajar french lagi nih, ngee~ :D

  4. Amri says:

    Nanti dulu, kawan French balik raya Krismas. Nak kena demo kat dia dulu supaya dia bleh komen pronounciation. Keke

  5. rdniika says:

    oh, i see. okies, take your time aite, no rush, hehe.
    though, I must admit, it’s hard to speak french… my pronounciations arent great enough.. susah nak sebut perkataan2 french tuh.. berbelit-belit lidah nak sebut, ahaha. but no matter, i’m sure you’re capable of it than me ^^ you’re great anyway, a good role model :D opsy, am I creeping you in a way? haha :D

  6. Amri says:


  7. WaReMoN says:

    creepy2 >:D

  8. rdniika says:

    :P i’m not a stalker, just a fangirl, lol? :D

  9. Amri says:

    Haha, nah, it didnt creep me out. I just have to be aware not to use ur statement as my vain story. keke

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