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Revisiting my previous post entitled Problem,  I was just actually coming towards a realisation, and that’s pretty much about it.

I’m 25. And I’m always having problems of waking up for subuh prayer. Nowadays subuh is 2 am+ so, there’s no issue of waking up. Coz I usually still awake at that time. And actually even after sunrise (which is 4am+ these days).

When I was a little kid, I always think, perhaps when I grow older, I will be able to wake up easily when morning comes. But I was wrong. So, I started to think how I don’t change much. I was pretty much the same. Even when I was chatting to my primary school friends, they even said that I’m still the same.

That’s me. Thinking how people’s, or in this case my, attitude stays the same as I grow older.

So I was a bit freaking out when I find out new stuff about myself. It’s acceptable right?

And I’ve come to a realisation of how much I’ve changed  for the past 3 years. Getting better in some sorts. Getting worse in some others.

And it made me thinking more.

I’m sure it’s not just me who is changing and adapting to new attitudes. It should be happening to most of us as well.

And that’s probably why choosy people like I am keep having this kind of thinking -

I don’t want to marry someone who will say in the future

‘You’ve changed a lot since we’ve got married.’

Coz I think I will. And that’s me.

And that’s why I do not believe in listing the type of personality of our future spouses. Coz it’s bounded to change in the future. Accepting the changes would be the real challenge.

Perhaps that’s why older generations are having a longer lasting marriage. They didn’t date. They didn’t put an expectation of how life would be with someone and they face each days of making the most of it.

Oh yeah, they did not ask for such promises and vows and swears and … well, you know what I mean.
Well, I maybe wrong. So what?

7 Responses to “Quarter”

  1. blubellbloom says:

    you are thinking too much ni…. aii

    based on the book that I never read, but I heard about [written by Marcus Buckingham( I guess... I might be wrong)], people never actually change. They did develop in few ways, just to adapt with their surroundings and age. However, the fundamental/core personality never undergo those change. As the good might change to bad (or vice versa), the person might only channel their strength(or prolly core personality traits) to different side.

    Dont worry meh. Like you said, its not only you :)

    p/s:niat sebenar aku, saja je nak sibuk tulis panjang2 kat sini.

  2. zeah says:

    somehow blog kau ni mcm mengenai diri aku…. hmmm…. kecuali tiba part spouse tue… hahaha… it IS challenging to accept the changes…… iiisshhh…. I need adjustment … from him not always being there, to always being there… apa kes??…~~ hehe

  3. ever says:

    [deleted by request]

  4. zeah says:

    ever… i feel u…

  5. ever says:

    then zeah, wht will u do??

  6. WaReMoN says:

    wow, luahan perasaan..takpa Lutfi, kita serupa..i feel you, mon!

  7. ever says:

    my GOD!!! i just realised how embarrasing and stupid i sound!!! i was being too emotional that day.. could you please delete my comment above???? i couldnt find any delete button (?) here.. oh my.. seriously, im glad we’re strangers.. just PLEASE… DELETE MY COMMENT ABOVE!!!! and forget about it.. thnk you… i really appreciate it..

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