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If I could

Ini entri rawak di kala kelaparan. Biasanya, time lapar, idea meruah-ruah. So.. here we go with ‘If I could’

If I could fly,
I just hope I wont get dizzy when I’m up high on the sky. Aku gayat. Bayangkan tengah terbang tetiba rasa gayat dan taknak turun. Camna tuh?

If I could go back and pick another course in USM,
I probably would not. Some says I should be doing mass communication. I would love that. But I love what I’m doing. If I could go back, I would actually take Science Computer as my minor. Nope, my second minor. That would be great.

If I could call someone,
I would call my mom. I hate calling her at these hours. I’m loud. Aku tidak suka call dengan intonasi mendatar hanya sebab taknak kacau housemate yang tidur. Tak sabar nak pindah akhir bulan ni. Katil double. Ye yeh.

If I could sing a song out loud now,
I would sing Haven’t Met You Yet. I’m starting to love this song for the lyrics.

If I could give a good advice,
I would say stop worrying. And stop slacking!! Oh yeh, nasihat itu untuk diri sendiri.

If I could say something to a friend,
I would say sorry for not keeping in touch. I’m in no way better than you and I hope you would understand. Hopefully, once I’m back in Malaysia, we’ll hang out and catch up.

If I could eat something,
I want to have something meaty. Red meat. Tapi dah malas nak keluar cari kat luar, dan nak masak ayam lama sangat. So, megi goreng would be fine.

If I could yell to someone,
I would yell it in front of Kak Khalidah. Yell in front of her, not yell to her. What’s the point of getting angry and ruin everything aite? Better just sharing a.k.a gossiping. Keke.

If I could choose number of hours per day,
it would be 36. Not 48 hours as chosen by Cik Pengurus. The reason is, 9 hours to sleep, plus 1 hour to get to bed, guling-guling takleh tido and 1 more hour to just lepak-lepak sebelum bangun. 11 hours already. So, 25 hours to spent and divided between studying, watching tv and eating is good enough. See, I am mastering the art of slacking.

If I could
then I would.

2 Responses to “If I could”

  1. khalidah says:

    Fly: try sky deck… awesome…
    yell: a.k.a gossip…sgt setuju…wakkakakaa

    If I could then I would: absolutely true… :)

  2. WaReMoN says:

    aku tgh lapar, takde idea terus..tergolek atas katil sampai makan :D

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