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Lean on me

Ucapan takziah pada Zeah sekeluarga atas pemergian bapanya dan juga ayah saudaranya ke Rahmatullah.

Ayah saudara Zeah (which is actually ayah dia punya cousin, so Zeah ni anak sepupu dia la) dalam koma dan meninggal pada hari yang sama ayah Zeah meninggal.

I’ve just called Zeah lepas dapat mesej dia dari Facebook. Dia dah cancel plan untuk datang UK which is totally understandable.

Talk a bit, hear the mourning and I ask Zeah to just take it slow. Share some stuff of what I think she should do. Aku suruh Zeah take time. I said, I won’t ask you to be strong, just feel it. And I wish the time will heals.

Zeah ketawa sedikit. Sebab dia kata aku jer yang bagi nasihat takyah be strong while everyone keep saying that. Lol. That’s me.

Not to disrespect others’ opinion, as taking into different context of ‘be strong’, it can be intepreted in  A LOT of way such as ‘don’t think much about this’, or ‘accept that this is a fate’ which I will agree in some and disagree in the others (punya la panjang disclaimer), I think she should just feel the moment and not to fight it.

I won’t discuss much about what I meant, but well, Zeah, you got it right?

I pray for Zeah and her family to be able to get through this event.

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  1. WaReMoN says:

    Innalillah..sama2lah berdoa

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