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I to X Part 3

I to X kembali lagi! Hehe.


I don’t deserve you….

Well, I actually find you annoying
but I’m minimizing the drama here!


I like you both for totally different reasons.
Or perhaps for a similarity
which I never noticed before?
I’m cursed.
I wanna start eating only meat now.


If I can be a best friend
or the worst lover,
which one would you choose,
and what do you prefer?


Flap your wings and fly
and you don’t have to look back at me.
But if you do,
we’ll be friend and we’ll sit for a coffee or tea.


Stop lying to yourself.
Start seeing what’s real.
You still have time
before the reality turn to imaginary.


I can’t hear you!
You are too slow.
Or perhaps because you don’t even speak!


I have enough drama in my life.
Now I need a typical romance movie
with stereotype storyline
and a happy-ever-after ending.
Is that too much to ask?


Don’t worry.
Do it for yourself.
Don’t worry about your friends.
If they are really friends, they’ll understand.


If you feel like killing  a cat
then just come and ask me.
I might lie.
But isn’t it better than someone else’s lie?

Oh yeah, my lies are better than theirs.

Well, my honesty doesn’t belong to you
who already killed the cat!


Let me sleep.
And whenever I wake up,
I’m glad that you never come into my dream.
Thank you for that.

//2.12am, 12 March 10

5 Responses to “I to X Part 3”

  1. khalidah says:

    i: of course…sgt menyegalkan kan…but then terfikir..dia hampir sama dgn Lola…:P
    ii: tell me bout it…wakakakaaa
    iii: owch….can i choose….muahahahaaa
    iv & V: absolutely…agreeeee
    vi: errrr..hearing impairment…
    vii: that’s what every body pray be ordinary! I’m about to shift far from that..believe me!
    viii: setuju setuju.(Lola juga mengiakan)
    ix: well I thought u r the one that loves the white lie… (sambil bersedia untuk lari)
    x: kesian dia…samapai mimpi pun u tak mau..

  2. SeMiN says:

    kesiannyaaaa!…. kih kih kih!

  3. zeah says:

    i …. for me…. dia yg tak deserve aku… hahaha
    ii …. tak tau nak cakap apa…
    iii …. for me…. i prefer worst lover… but i choose bestfriend… boleh ke tue?
    iv…. very true…
    v …. exactly….. i guess im trying to do just that
    vi …. tu lagi malas nak fikir…. takde bunyi langsung…
    vii … i agree 100%… need happy ending now… hehehe
    viii….. hanya mampu tersenyum…
    ix … tak baik tau main tipu2 nie… hahaha
    x… aku setuju sesangat…..

  4. Lutfi Amri says:

    Wah wah wah, siap ada review satu persatu!!

  5. WaReMoN says:

    pergh, semua org respond setiap line ang

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